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Article: Tim Tsui - Sneaker Addict and Toy Designer


Tim Tsui - Sneaker Addict and Toy Designer

Tim Tsui is a young Hong Kong designer. He was noticed at the Toycon 2001 with his first figurine, the DateamBronx King. Tim Tsui What is your background ? My name is Tim Tsui, I worked for 7 years as artistic director and multimedia producer. At the beginning of 2002, I started to be interested in figurines closer. My first creation is called "DateamBronx". I gave this name in tribute to hip-hop and originally, as well as to urban culture. Your news and your projects? I obviously focus on the figurines I created but I always stay open to all other proposals. My new project is called Dape, and it will happen by the end of the year 2003 (see News Magazine) How do you perform your creations? First drawing, then the blanks and finally the sculpture. What inspires you? My inspiration comes mainly movies because I love cinema. Would you like to create larger creations or to make toys for big companies? I would love to work for different companies in different countries. What are your main influences? I think the Gi Joe influenced me a lot when I was a child, I always loved collecting and playing with them. As you know, GI Joe are mostly war toys, and as growing up I was more interested in hip-hop and urban culture, I have long asked why there were no figurines and 'Collectibles around Street culture. So I tried a little later by creating my own characters with a certain style. Two Medicom toys have influenced me, the 12 '' Bathing Ape James Lavelle and Nigo. I found them more cool. It really motivated me and inspired to do my own stuff. How did you come to figurines? I do not believe that at the bottom of my heart, I'm always a child. I love toys and design, and so I hope to make a nice mix of both by putting all my heart in each of the creations. Do you conceive of your creations more like art objects or toys? I see it rather like art. I sincerely think that one can conceive art and the toy as an entity. It's the same when I customize sneakers, I hope it looks like art. What kind of objects would you like to conceive in the coming years? For next year I already have a lot of projects, but I prefer to hold them secret for the moment, hoping that everything will happen very well. With whom would you like to collaborate? I would like to work with the most people as possible because every new encounter inspires incredible creations. Are you attracted or involved in other activities than the design of figurines? Not really ... .Hahahah what is your favorite movie? Kill Bill What is your favorite website? What is your favorite video game? Diablo Your favorite hero? X-Men Your preferred bad guy? Eminem What do you listen to and read right now? Most of the time I read Japanese magazines branches like relaxing, huge. Some foreign magazines also like Lodown and Mag. I also listen to a lot of hip-hop, but this month I listen to the Kill Bill BO loop Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui Tim Tsui

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