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Article: [TOP 2009] 8 - T9G X Tim Biskup (Rangeas & Helper)


[TOP 2009] 8 - T9G X Tim Biskup (Rangeas & Helper)

Collaboration between Japanese T9G and the American Tim Biskup has already given rise to two babies, but difficult to say who is the father. It's great modern couples, isn't it? The fascinating (and disturbing) T9G sculptures already have a sacred story to tell each time, and when Father Biskup affixes the mouths of his cult characters, the magic operates. The two two -headed monsters that are the new versions of Rageas And Helper are almost perfect. The finesse of details proves once again that the Soft-Vinyl (Aka Sofubi) does wonders. The only downside lies in the slightly too surreal choice of color variants, even if Rangeas is doing better than its little brother. And then when a figurine is more difficult to catch than Jean-Pierre Treiber in a seine and Marne undergrowth, it is always a little frustrating.

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