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Article: [TOP 2009] 9 - Kid Dragon by Sam Flores


[TOP 2009] 9 - Kid Dragon by Sam Flores

Assumed choice but perhaps not necessarily shared by all (we will see your own tops), the Kid Dragon Dragon Boy of Sam Flores Totally enchanted us. One of the first productions of newcomers to The Loyal Subjects (not so new in the game because one of the founders was behind Super Rad Toys Two years ago) which is distinguished by the choice of artists and the quality of its productions. After Alex Pardee And Joe Ledbetter, it was Sam Flores who offered us a vinyl character from one of his impressive paintings. The three -part figurine is completely faithful to the drawing from which it comes and the finish is more than decent. Several versions have already come out, but the Regular is our favorite for the moment. Additional pleasure since no later than yesterday we discovered (and order for you at readers) of a new figurine of Sam Flores Wyger the Wyger. Suffice to say that the year 2010 begins under the best auspices.

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