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Article: All, you'll know all about ... The Blind Box

Tout, vous saurez tout sur... les BLIND BOX

All, you'll know all about ... The Blind Box

As far as we remember, the excitement was put when it had to open a surprise pouch. This object of fascination that emphasized surprises and candies, making us smile for a good day, at least. Well, if you remember this feeling, that of buyingFigurines in Blind Box is the same since theA box is closed and the sachet inside sealed. Attention small fast course on the Blind Box for those who are not familiar. This pretty little invention has been thought for several reasons:

1) The first is that art toys publishers wanted to keep the feeling of surprise that one loses more and more with the overconsumption And all accessible, already well installed since the middle of the 90's. Here you know what serie you buy but not the exact figurine, which adds a little pepper compared to a classic purchase

2) The second is that contrary to the ideas received a mini figurine can quite arouse the curiosity of the greatest collectors because of its sealed bag and sometimes rare models there. When it is closed and sought after the object takes a certain value that increases according to the date of exit, the model and the series. Take for example the Series made with artists like the Kidrobot Keith Haring Dunny Series 1. The artist being listed and ubiquitous on the art scene thanks to his foundation, the pieces that are attached to him will take value.

3) The third is of create the desire to make a collection and install a gaming climate at the time of purchase. When you discover series of mini figurines, you necessarily crack for one or more models rather than others. As a result the desire to have the heart shot is stronger than you, which pushes you to buy several blind box hoping to fall on what you want or on the rare mini figurine that hides in the collection. And hop, in no time you find yourself with a signed collection PopmartKidrobot or Mighty jaxx.

Then of course You have to be ready to fall on something other than what we absolutely wanted Or be patient, buying figurine by figurine of the same series in the hope of having the hope. The risk ? That you find yourself with doubles! Yes and here we will not be relied up because as you do not know what's hiding these that mysterious boxes and can not make you choose the ones you want.

But as for everything, there is tips. The best known beingBuy an entire display, including all models in the collection. The number of pieces of it varies according to the series, sometimes 9 rooms, sometimes 12, everything depends on how the brand thought its collection. In this case, ask us. The second trick consists of finding buyers with whom to do exchanges to finally have whole series or just the dream model.

And then, at the approach of Christmas we know that with a little inventiveness as to the package, you will know how to reflect your mini figurine double to the young and old of your family pop culture fans. Winner win!

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Je recherche des fournisseurs de blind box, et non des revendeurs. Avez vous des contacts.

Dupont Vincent


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