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Article: Toys Invasion - Expo Tan-ki at Slow (Brest)


Toys Invasion - Expo Tan-ki at Slow (Brest)

Oyé Friends of the west of France, this weekend you will have to go on the Breton tip for the most owned manifestation around the Toy in France! Our good friend Tan-ki Invests the shop Slow In Brest where he imagined a showcase hell with a selection of Toys at the top, but not only! Tan-ki will reveal a series of 50 Ki-Toy Kiclear and a handful of caught caught by not stitched names of the Hannetons: Flying Fortress, LeMerde, Plaseboo, Steph Cop, Skwak, Bunka, Graphart, Paul Kaiju, Hello Brute, Fakir etc ... If it's a bit far for parigos, I'm ordered to all those who are less than 200km from tomorrow Saturday, December 12th! All info and photos here:

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