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Article: Ultraking 8 '' vinyl


Ultraking 8 '' vinyl

Ultraking No it should not be confused the valiant Ultraman, mythical character of Japanese television, created by Eiji Tsuburaya, with the creator of Hong Kong who shares the same sobriquet. The latter present on the Toy HK scene since the beginning of the movement returns with a new declination of his monkey Rockabilly. It reveals this time an interesting posture with lots of funny details. Studded jacket, silver pumps and shemas, fellow, sunglasses, high and spiky hair, bluish skin with a mouth that seems to pronounce the word "cool", sparadrap probably appeared after a good baston at the exit d 'A concert, overdophed swimmer musculature, Gothic lettering jacket, here are the few details that mark the backward return of the most rock'n'roll character designers in the country of Bboys. Exit planned when you have picked up your teeth. Ultraking

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