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Article: Vil The Devil: Artoyz version

Vil The Devil: Artoyz version

Vil The Devil Good News Everyone! Furi Furi Are Back! The Japanese team led by Tei Ryosuke had been a bit killed in recent years (from memory the latest production was Mummy The Rabbit, and more recently Backy & Bocky at the house of Imaginative play), here it is back with this little Vil The Devil All cute and directly in the graphic line of the Japanese creative team. While a flocked black version was released on the sly (or not?) We decided to create a special version with a little more diabolical colors but at the same time very cottony. The white flocking is pretty good for this diablottin equipped as you can imagine with a fork (a small fork). Not only is it cute but it is in exceptional rarity since the version Smile is limited to 80 ex, the version Skull at 80 ex and the version Eyepatch at 40 ex. The packaging is a small coffin in a window box, with a small comic strip on the back. It is a Pixie/Phalanx realization that is available on ARTOYZ More peaks After the Jump: Vil The Devil Vil The Devil Vil The Devil Vil The Devil

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