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Article: Whereschappell releases hand-painted Batman figurines !

Whereschappell sort des figurines Batman peintes à la main !

Whereschappell releases hand-painted Batman figurines !

If 2021 rings the return of Batman on our screens, it's indeed in 2020 that we must be interested with the new figurine of the toy designer Whereschappell. Pop culture's lover, he works the iconography of its famous characters as them from Star Wars or even the singer Childish Gambino. Yet it's the sacred DC Comics monster, Batman, that he reinterprets today. The filiation with the Batman of Matt Reeves, embodied by Robert Pattinson, isn't obvious but we suppose that Whereschappell wanted his Batman as a synthesis of all his faces.

Of course, the wink to the face of the original Batman, imagined by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, is very strong, particularly in terms of the angular nature of the face. The costume is also recurrent although a little different - and that's the art of Whereschappell : to bring the bat into this era of 2020, he has mordenized the costume by wearing it a kind of shawl around the neck; true leitmotiv in his cape work. Besides, to add preciousness to the figurine, the cape is made of fabric. Available in 5 versions (black / gray, blue / gray, black, dark gray / khaki (without cape) and dark blue / gray) the 9" figurine in Batman resin, hand painted, is presented at £ 89.90. Come this Sunday March 1, at 9 p.m. (Paris time), to pre-order this Batman from Whereschappell.

Credits : Whereschappell

Source : Whereschappell 

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