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Article: Yod is coming!

Yod is coming!

Yod is alive This is a news that will delight some ... Indeed, we have confirmation of an arrival of Yod of James Jarvis (produced by Amos Toys As everyone knows) in ARTOYZ. The date of arrival is fixed in early September, which is precise, but remains unclear. At the same time Yod is a god, he does a little what he wants. For the occasion, the divine guy will come in 6 different versions (hear Color Variants), namely that we will not count more than 200 clones per version. Yod is White Regarding the white version (that of the image), it will be absent from the line-up unfortunately, but good 6 versions already, it is "a poco not bad" as people who speak badly Spanish say.
The animated image => Copyright Amos Toys and James Jarvis

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