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Welcome to the "epic mini-universe", where the great icons of pop culture meet for a more hilarious miniature party than the best stand-up!

UDF figurines, Bearbricks, VCD, Reaction figures, Action Figures, Ultimate on the heroes of movie, of series, of music, of sport, of cartoons, of cartoon, of Comics, of manga and many others !

On the one hand, Batman and the Joker try to settle their disputes around a cup of tea, while Chewbacca and Luke embark on an intergalactic beatbox battle to impress the crowd of the figurines.

During this time, Homer Simpson And Pikachu argue the last donut, while the Minions Try to escape with a wacky plan involving a giant banana and an artisanal light. In a corner of the play, Tony The Tiger and Chucky organize an improvised theater party with puppets ...

Meanwhile, the heroes of sport such as LeBron James and Messi organize a crazy relay race through the living room table, while manga characters like Goku And Astroboy Start in a competition that can shout the strongest without breaking glass.

Welcome these little heroes in your house and prepare to be transported to a miniature world where humor is king and where the most wacky adventures take place at every corner of the shelf!

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