Bearbrick Sunflowers, Paris' exhibition, Van Gogh is everywhere
05 sept.
Bearbrick Sunflowers, Paris' exhibition, Van Gogh is everywhere

The Dutch painter is more alive than ever, a way to rediscover his work through an exhibition and a very cool figure...

The History of Art counts its great painters and among them we find the master of naturalism with unique gesture, Vincent Van Gogh. With his brushstrokes giving a relief and movement to his paintings, Van Gogh has left its mark and continues to inspire the artistic world 139 years after his death. If a magnificent interactive exhibition dedicated him to the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, this is another medium that interests us here.

Indeed, the giant Medicom Toy appropriates the famous Van Gogh Sunflowers, a deep yellow painting reminiscent of a hot summer dating from 1888, on his Bearbrick. A happy association that comes with a scribbled signature very similar to that of the painter and found on the back of the figurine.

Medicom is doing great by proposing a new arty figure in line with those of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring or Andy Warhol.

Discover this Medicom Bearbrick at $123 for the first set (100% and 400%) and $492 for the 100%. 

Credits : Medicom Toy/ Van Gogh 

Source : Hypebeast