Chibi Rainbow Six Siege figures!
18 sept.
Chibi Rainbow Six Siege figures!

Prepare for the imminent release of the Rainbow Six Siege collection at Ubisoft, a friendly collaboration between Ubisoft and Artoyz!

Rainbow Six is ​​part of these legendary games that go through the generations! The story of an anti-terrorist team against bad guys ready to do anything to alienate our society.After many sequels and reboots, the latest one, Rainbow Six siege, will be seen transposing into cute little collectible figurines! Presented at the last GamesCom, the "Chibi Rainbow Six Siege" figures feature the 5 main characters: Mountain, Ash, IQ, Smoke and Tachanka.These figurines are similar to those that can be attached to the weapons in the game. Ten centimeters high, in vinyl and ultra detailed, the "Six Collection" figurines are genuine collectibles.Artoyz has already collaborated with Ubisoft on the South Park collection: the Annale du Destin, with a series of figures bearing the effigy of the famous characters of the cartoon irreverent. Find the first collection of the Chibi Rainbow Six Siege on pre-order on the Ubisoft website and find all our creations such as the Toxic Candies, the Story Killers and the Teddy Troops 2.0 on the site!

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