Cornelius Candemon by Alex Pardee x Kidrobot
08 octo.
Cornelius Candemon by Alex Pardee x Kidrobot

It's Halloween before the hour with this figurine of the artist Alex Pardee !

"Trick or Treat" ? Honestly with this Alex Pardee figurine we don't know what to choose. However one thing is certain: it's perfect to celebrate October 31st. The artist does indeed honor his Candemons - understand the mix between "candy" and "demons" - diabolical candies personified. An ode to Halloween that isn't displeasing to us. Usually 6, the Candemons band separate to be presented one by one through weeks. And we start with ... Cornelius.

Cornelius represents a triangular candy shaped 3 colors : white, orange and yellow. Until then not too scary, it also has arms with almost forked fingers and teeth worthy of Jaws. Ideal to start the season when the orange is king, these sweets of another kind are cold in the back. 7" high and sold at $65, the figurine of Cornelius Candemon will be available tonight at 9AM PST on Kidrobot website.

Published at 250 pieces, it risked leaving like... sweets !

Credits : Alex Pardee/ Kidrobot

Source : The Toy Chronicle / Alex Pardee

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