Delusionville Minis by Ron English x Pop Life
03 juil.
Delusionville Minis by Ron English x Pop Life

If you know the Delusionville series, this Minis version delights new and old fans of Ron English's work...

Figure of jamming, this practice of cultural diversion, Ron English has the specialty of creating pieces of character with multiple pop references. Do you remember his Fat Tony ? As a reminder, Tony the Tiger is the mascot that we happily found on Kellog's cereals boxes... Ron English is satirical, sharp and each figurine is an event.

For Delusionville Minis, he partners with Pop Life by imagining a 12 pieces set in which we find classic characters from his universe, as Elefanka or Smiley Face. Of course, some characters from The Rabbits series highlight his criticism of an unfair society. Here the animals, which replace humans, have exaggerated facial expressions and display saturated colors as to show the ambient worldwilde crazyness.

Ron English x Pop Life's Delusionville Minis series is already a must-have and soon available on our site !

Credits : Ron English/ Pop Life 

Source : The Toy Chronicle 

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