Futura x Off-White ™, unveil new clothes
12 févr.
Futura x Off-White ™, unveil new clothes

At the border of the arts is this new collaboration between the street artist and the brand of Virgil Abloh.

This is not a first time, but we always admit to being impressed by the joint work of Futura and Virgil Abloh for Off-White ™. A brand that the designer wants transversal to bring in artists of choice like Futura, who has come to put his paw on clothes with ever crazier cuts. With a capsule collection initiated by the release of a plaid in January - yes, yes, you read that right - nothing foreshadowed such a result.

It's the photographer Thibaut Grevet who unveils the pictures of the Futura x Off-White ™ collab with a refined aesthetic but rich in the scenography and patterns drawn from Futura's work, oscillating between black, white but also yellow and green. Colors that intertwine to deliver complex compositions, dear to Futura. So, yes, you will surely need to make a loan to have them because the first jackets are displayed at $2320 on the SSENSE website. But hey, we say when we love we do not count ? We still give you an appointment on Thibaut Grevet's Instagram account to discover the rest of the shoot for this' Futura x Off-White ™ collab. At least it costs nothing...

Credits : Thibaut Grevet / Off White / Futura 

Source : Off White Instagram 

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