Enfers et Fantômes d'Asie at Quai Branly Museum
15 mars
Enfers et Fantômes d'Asie at Quai Branly Museum

Are you ready to shiver at the Quai Branly Jacques Chirac Museum? The museum is preparing to welcome monsters and creatures of Asian folklore!

Diving into the world of spirits, terror and fantastic creatures: the exhibition captures ghost stories in Asia. Through religious art, theater, cinema, contemporary creation or manga, a journey to the frontiers of reality.The exhibition will take place from April 10 to July 15. Get ready to discover Monsters of all kinds: wandering spirits of the forest, avenging cat-wives, ghosts of the hungry hell ("walking dead"), jumping vampires or yokai (fantastic creatures of Japanese folklore).Through different media "Buddhist paintings at J-Horror, prints from Hokusai to Pac-Man, from the cult of spirits in Thailand to horror manga" More information on the Museum's website!

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