"MOMENT DONNÉ" an exhibition of Alëxone Dizac!
28 mai
"MOMENT DONNÉ" an exhibition of Alëxone Dizac!

If you are visiting Marrakech, know that the artist Alëxone Dizac exhibits his works at the David Bloch Gallery, he will propose a new series of works: paintings, papers and bas-relief.

For his third exhibition, the Parisian artist Alëxone Dizac chose the David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech.The fans of Artoyz and Graffiti know alexone well, he became known in the early 90s with his "Oediperies" he then realized in the streets or elsewhere, which mix graffiti, refined calligraphy and installation in situ elaborate.Prolific artist, Alëxone Dizac proves once again that he is a touch to everything!We remember his collaboration at the time of Easter and we find in this exhibition its inimitable style.There are some photos of the exhibition on the page of the Gallery and on the Facebook and Instagram page of Alëxone!Find all the information of the event on the gallery page from May 18 to June 17, 2018.

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