Nike x Nintendo 64, the meeting of fashion and gaming
19 juil.
Nike x Nintendo 64, the meeting of fashion and gaming

Can't stop Nike ! With its sharp collaborations, the brand is on top and surprises with a pair made with ... Nintendo.

Reference of our childhood, the Nintendo 64 fascinates us as much as we miss it. Produced from 1996 to 2003, the most legendary of the consoles gave rise to the games to which we compare all the others : Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time or Donkey Kong 64. With the ambient 80's and the 90's nostalgia it was no wonder that Nike was interested in the subject. A thrilling collaboration between disciplines, Nike launches a sneaker dedicated to the game console. And not just any one : the Air Max 97.

The first sneaker in its history with a sole made entirely of air cushions, the Air Max 97 has this futuristic and imposing design that we have seen on every feet since 1997. Created by Christian Tresser, it takes today the colors of the Nintendo 64. Taking up the colors of the joystick, the yellow is found on the sole when red, green and blue punctuate the details of the gray canvas, like the console. Pushing the detail to its maximum, Nike writes Air Max with Nintendo's typography and pays the luxury of sewing a leather part with "reset" and "power" on the front.

This sneaker Nike x Nintendo 64 proves our commitment to both fashion and pop culture that we strive to maintain whatever time passes. It is to be found soon with a price around 170€.

Credits : Nike/ Nintendo

Source : Nike/ Creapills 

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