Pete Fowler, Flying Förtress , Guggimon... Superplastic toys soon available here
08 juil.
Pete Fowler, Flying Förtress , Guggimon... Superplastic toys soon available here

After only two years of existence, Superplastic collaborates with many famous artists and launches its own figurines library.

Superplastic Collection is the name of this dedicated space which allows you to follow in real time the arrivals of Superplastic figurines to feed your collection. It tells you what is missing in your collection, what is most wanted and gives you the opportunity to be completely updated on the news. A kind of PogDesign but for the figures. And even if the concept is already known for designer toys, for fans of Superplastic it's amazing.

But back to the figurines ... You know that at Artoyz we well know Flying Förtress since we collaborated to the rebirth the famous Teddy Troops 2.0. The multidisciplinary German artist launches, this time, some figurines made by Superplastic. Be attentive to JankyTrooper SuperJanky - in blue or red - with the mythical Timberland shoes wore by Fresh style's lovers (hey 90's !) and damaged missiles, in the hand of BunkerJanky too. This third edition by Flying Förtress, that main color is gray, accentuates the uniform, including this helmet that seems indestructible.

As indestructible as BunkerJanky's helmet, the skull-mask worn by Janky on this Guggimon version is powerful. That's why Fashion Horror SuperJanky is so cool; the must is his pale pink outfit and the inspired colorful sneakers. We also love the axe in a hand and the Guggi camo bag in the other... So fashionable and funny.

Another artist has made a lot of news this year : Pete Fowler. He won the Vinyl & Plastic Toy of the Year award at the Designer Toy Awards 2019. An important distinction due to his character Maximillian Ca$h! We would now like to talk about Maximiliian Ca$h Gothic Sunset, the last figurine of the trio, whose color palette is totally hypnotic : we have the omnipresence of purple contrasting with the orange and translucent skull hidden under the removable head. A blow of heart for which it will be necessary to fight, the figurine being ultra-limited.

And if Ovnik in his SuperJanky "Maui Edition" was also part of your collection ? Pyschedelic with these brightly colors this figurine takes us into the multidisciplinary world of Pete Fowler where the artistic profusion prevails ! And we don't say that about leopard shoes ...

All these Superplastic figurines are to be found very soon on our site ... Be patient !

Credits : Superplastic 

Source : Superplastic 

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