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ARTOYZ FACTORY is the ARTOYZ division dedicated to the production of art toys & objects for third parties. This is all the know-how of ARTOYZ ORIGINALS at the service of professionals..

Key player in Pop Culture, ARTOYZ FACTORY produces merchandising for the Entertainment industry: mini figures, keychains, monumental structures, Collector's editions, licensed products, Action Figures, Chibis ...

ARTOYZ FACTORY is also the partner of international brands and advertising agencies seeking unique creative & marketing experiences. We develop rewarding concepts, with strong power of attraction, for brands and companies, with talented artists, on many media.



Toy Design specialist since 2003.

More than 3 million references sold!

Collectible producer since 2008.

Over 200 Artoyz Originals references produced.

Over 300 references produced for third parties.



From the unique piece to the Mass Market.

From the smallest object to monumental sculpture.

From ideas to PVC, plush, ABS, silicone, bronze, fiberglass, resin, porcelain or wood… we advise and support you on the most suitable supports for your projects.

From contemporary to street art, through illustration and Design, in environments as varied as fashion, advertising, video games, animation ... the sensibilities of our network of artists are multiple.

From original production to customization of existing models such as Cutty or Elements, we adapt to your needs and your budgets!


From concept to distribution, including drawing, sculpture, modeling, prototyping, production, quality controls, conformity testing, logistics and import formalities… complete expertise in the manufacture of art toys and objects.

Powerful network of partners in France, Europe, the United States and China.

Historical production unit in China combining expertise and reliability with ISO9001, SA8000 and FAMA standards.

Quality controls carried out by us or via independent quality auditors on site.

Compliance tests carried out by Bureau Veritas.

Production capacities of 200,000 pieces per month.

Processing and rapid assessment of your needs and related solutions.

Respect of deadlines.





Ubisoft, Peugeot, L’Oréal, Michelin, Virgin Music… trust us.


More broadly, ARTOYZ works with players in the Entertainment and POP CULTURE industry such as gaming companies, galleries and art centers, film studios, the world of sport, the music industry or publishing houses.

ARTOYZ is also the privileged partner of companies and brands with strong visual identities, in luxury, fashion or industry ... directly or via advertising or marketing agencies.

To receive our catalog, ask your questions or discuss your projects or ideas  please contact us!!


More information on Toy Design via the FAQ section of the Artoyz website

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