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Article: Bennzi, a toy (de) Nathan


Bennzi, a toy (de) Nathan

While waiting for foot closes the Serie 2 des Minitersehouse, Strangeco (still them!) Announces us the release of a new 7 -inch vinyl figurine from this series and imagined by the Australian Nathan JEurevicius. Each of its vinyl creations is always very surprising, innovative, colorful, unpredictable. Bennzi Bennzi that we see here, will be available in 3 versions: Blue, Red and Night Edition With small Glow in the Dark touches that we love so much. Traffic controller of the marsh the day he directs the crocodiles in the swamps by avoiding accidents of the "road"; Follower of yoga in the evening, Bennzi Jumped on its 3 legs has accessories to wallow it or keep it attentive. Other accessories to note an armada of small crocodiles, more legs and additional chicots. The Night version will be put up for sale during the SDCC and the blue and red versions will be released in July and September 2006 respectively. BennziBennziBennziBennziBennziBennzi

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