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Article: Cat + Kway + Gourde + Artoyz =?


Cat + Kway + Gourde + Artoyz =?

A little improvised contest took place a few weeks ago in the joy and good humor of the world famous forum Artoyz. Like the new version of the site, hastily announced, was late coming (the one you are currently navigating), everyone finally found itself in the position of a saved cat of a red K-Way with a gourd containing Grenadine (how do you mean: huh?). The fact remains that it was on this architective theme that a small graphic creation competition took place in the month of June with a result and a counting to make it pale Manu Katché. The winner is Codel, followed by Fritz (Bowwl) And Bony. Codel Fritz (Bowwl) Bony Bravo to all participants, there is no doubt that small competitions of the same ilk will arise sooner or later on your favorite forum (well yes that of Artoyz ...). A sticker will be published with the design Who won over the public, claim the with Maître Nadjar.

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