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Article: Lastfight


With Lastfight The 3D baton in 2v2 is reinvited in your home! Catch any object available in one of the 8 courses and correct your opponents! 10 characters inspired by the comic Lastman Compose the cast which will allow you to compete in multi -local up to 4 players or solo in the mode ... Lastfight is Bringing 2V2 3D Fighting back to your living room! Pick Up Any Avairable Object in One of the 8 Internships and Teach Your Opponents A Lesson! Play in Local Multiplayer Mode, for up to 4 players, or one-player story mode, with a cast of 10 characters inspired by the comic book Lastman. ss_aa6ce055f1dd25dd22300a13040c3933dca23d92.1920x1080 ss_ae90c946c03b378f5dfea84eeb2e929a12649dd3.1920x108080 Genre: Action, Indie Developer: Piranaking Publisher: Piranaking Release Date: 19 May, 2016 You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook And on Instagram :)

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