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Article: Portrait #25: Thrashy

Portrait #25: Thrashy

Hello ! New portrait this week: Guillaume Aka Thrashhy! Vitrine1 Vitrine2 1- When did you start collecting Toyz art? I discovered the Artoyz in 2004 when I had just finished my studies in applied art. I spent a lot of time on the Internet and in bookstores looking for information around the street art. This is when I discovered in a magazine [Juxtapoz I think] Dave Kinsey's work! Adfunure had released a set of 3 characters from him. I was crazy! The same year, I came across Michael Lau's site, it finished me and that's where I became addict. Toys that mixed graffiti, the street art, skateboarding, hip hop, hardcore, punk ... All my passions gathered, it immediately talked to me. I discovered shortly after the Artoyz site. Besides, at the time, we couldn't even pay online, we had to send a check to validate our order! An old -fashioned thing! I knew nothing about culture toy Japanese, in Kaïjus, with indie prods ... It was by dragging on the Artoyz forum then on alteroys that I built my toyesque culture with the years, thanks to all the guys of the forum that had been in the game for a while and this spirit of sharing. It was this passion that also pushed me to take pictures. 1- When Did You Start To Collect Art toys? I Discovered Art toys In 2004, I was just finishing my studies in fine art. I SPPE A LT OF TIME ON INTERNET AND IN BOOKSHOP LOOKING FOR INFO ABOUT street art. That's when I Discovered in A Magazine (Juxtapoz I Think) The Work of Dave Kinsey! Adfunture Had Launched A Set of 3 Characters. I was crazy !! The same year i found the website of Michael Lau, it kills me and Became an Addict. toys That Mixed Graffiti, street art, Skateboard, hip hop, hardcore and punk ... All my passion reunited, I GOT REALLY Into it. I Found Out a Little After the Website of Artoyz. In Fact at that Time We Couldn't Pay Online, We Had to Send A Bank Check to Confirm the Order! Old School Stuff! I Didn't Know Anything About Japanese toy Culture, kaïjus, independent prod .... hanging out on the forum artoys then alteroys that i build my toy Culture through the Years, Thanks to the Guys from the forum, who we in the game for a while and the share spirit. It's this passion that push me to do photography. blacksheep 2- What is the first art toyz you bought? It took me a little time before I made my first purchase, it seemed a lot of money for a piece of plastic at the time ... My first toys Was a Michael Lau Lau Lazy Yan found on eBay. He had a somewhat New York HXC style that I liked well at the time with his 2 braids. Then, I bought a few odds and ends before investing in the whole set of Steph Cop in 2006. I have never stopped since! 2- What's the First Art Toyz You Bough? It took me a bit of time before i did my first purchase, it seems like a lot of money at this time for a piece of plastic ... My First toy WAS A Michael LAU LAZY YAN, that I FOUND ON EBAY. It has a style like hxc new york that i really liked with his 2 braids. Then I Bough Some Stuff Before I Invested Everthing in the Set of Steph Cop in 2003. I Never Stop since then. nyfat_crew2 falsefriends_blackout 3- What is your top 3? Difficult to make a top 3 but we will say: - Do You Remember Me by Yoskay Yamamoto: he was released in 2010, it is a representation of Astro. It is with this kind of play and artist that we switch from toy to the art object for me. Top3_yoskay_yamamoto - The NY Fat G Shock by Michael Lau: this is the best success of ML. I find it super expressive as a toy, it is great to photograph! Top3_nyfat - Rebel Captain - NYCC '11 of Secret Base X Pushead: I love the productions of Secret Base, especially those of Pushead and Usugrow. This toy is the perfect synthesis! Top3_rebel_captain 3-What's Your Top 3? Hard to make a top 3, but we can say: -Do you remember me of yoskay yamamoto: it was out in 2010, it's a representation of astro. It's with out of piece and artist, that the toy Became A Piece of Art. -The ny fat g shock of Michael Lau: It's the best success of ml. I find this toy Very expressive, it's great to take pictures of it! -Rebel Captain - NYCC '11 of Secret Base X Pushead: I Love the Productions of Secret Base, Especially Pushead and Usugrow. This toy is the perfect synthesis. jaw_pain_edition 4- Today, is your vision of Toyz art to change? Some sees the Artoyz as an investment, the speculation game that hurts this environment. I always have so much pleasure in collecting the toyz. I sell and buy toys regularly, I don't make Bénef on it, I mainly sell collectors like me. I always have this emulation when a novelty arrives and this pleasure of hunting to grab it. My tastes have evolved over time, I found the genre that suits me most today, I am less in the compulsive purchase but more in the idea of ​​building a coherent collection. Today I am only looking for black toys, most of them being Fighters of Secret Base ... In any case, monsters! 4-TODAY has your vision of art toys Change? Some people see the art toyz like an investment, the speculation game that damaged a lot this environment. I Still Enjoy Collecting Toyz. I SELL AND BUY toys Regularly, i don't make benefit on it, i sell mainly to collector like me. I Still have this emulation when new toyz arrives and the pleasure of hunting to bust it. My Taste Evolved with the Time, TODAY I FOUND A STYLE THAT CORRES TO ME, I'M LESS IN A COMPULSIVE PURCHASE AS I USED TO BUT MORE INTO BUILDING A PROPER COLLECTION. TODAY I'm LOOKING ONLY FOR BLACK TOYZ, MOST OF THEM Are Fighters of Secret Base ... In Any Case, Monsters! kawskun Find trashy on Instagram and on his Flick. You can follow us on Twitter, on Facebook And on Instagram :)

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