Abell Octovan signs a new figurine at Mighty Jaxx

Decidedly, after Jude Gace now it's the tour of the artist Abell Octovan to have fun with the image of pinocchio; Or at least what's left! For this new figurine scheduled soon in the catalog of Mighty jaxxThe artist relies on his favorite references from pop culture. Remember his donut figurines ... irreverentious and graphic they are necessarily echoing something we know.

We have no name for the moment, or even a price or dimensions, however we know that the base of this figurine is literally the hand of Pinocchio. End of wooden arm, white glove, until then everything is fine but it seems that Pinocchio is a little annoyed. Yes, it's the middle finger he looks up. Would it be angry with Jiminy Cricket Who is completely crushed? Abell Octovan Send to walk the image too smooth from the wood pupil with humor and derision. Strongly he arrives ...

Credits: Mighty Jaxx / Abell Octovan

Source: MIGHTY JAXX Instagram

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