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Article: Futura, André or Face in the Urban Walls collection of Uniqlo

Futura, André ou encore D*Face dans la collection Urban Walls d'Uniqlo

Futura, André or Face in the Urban Walls collection of Uniqlo

Uniqlo surprises once again the brand fans with a collaborative collection highlighting Street Art's sizes. Named "Urban Walls", this collab "brings together big names such as Futura, André but also D * face or Lady Aiko who come to affix their creative paw on the basic pieces of the brand. Special attention from UNIQLO who wishes democratize art by clothing.

Always in vogue, even Sotheby's goes, the art-to-wear invests your daily lives with T-shirts to the characters of Futura, hoodies with clear tones enhanced by the designs of the Face or those of André , Ultra graphics on wide sections t-shirts. In the same way that a Street work illuminates an urban landscape, Urban Walls will give this Arty touch to your everyday looks. Finally T-shirt on the street there is only one collab! Go to the website ofUniqlo.

Credits: Uniqlo / Futura / André / Lady Aiko

Source: Uniqlo

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