AD ASTRA PER ASPERA, 100TAUR Virtual Exposure to Visit Now

2020 It is difficult, full of pitfalls, contradictions and terribly confusing and yet spent stupor, many artists have become a challenge to draw from the positive. This is the case of Nicolas Giraud Aka 100taur. The pluridisciplinary artist Toulouse continues to passionately explore the themes of mythology or nature through Works that borrow from both street-art, in drawing and sculpture ... Creating a kind of bridge between classic art, street and contemporary. But how do we do to show his job when the confines are dams? He answers the question with an immersive, intimate, exotic and virtual expo named AD astra per aspera; And everything without moving from home!

Meaning "Towards the stars through the difficulties" Where "By arded trails to the stars", according to the artist's own words, ad astra per aspera was launched on Saturday, December 19 at 4 pm allowing anyone to enter the 100taur universe by going directly to his site. In the program ? A Visit of its 360 ° workshop in augmented reality, with the possibility of lingering on the details, some put forward via points, but also a Visit of his gallery with larger works and staring. Make visible what could not be temporarily, this is the issue of this exhibition. Between paintings, facilities and sculptures, made since the first day of the confinement, access the art of 100taur, otherwise.

Appointment on this link to discover it !

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