Mickey Mouse: a trip through time

Oswald The lucky rabbit is the first character created by Walt Disney in collaboration with Universal in 1927. Following a blur between the two studios, the character becomes the property of Universal and Walt must create a new mascot for his studio. He decides to create Mortimer Mouse, a mouse that will become, under the impulse of his wife who did not like the first name, Mickey Mouse.

Famous anthropomorphic mouse for his false voice (dubbing at first by Walt Disney himself) and his composition in 3 circles, she appears for the first time on the screens on May 15, 1928 in "Plane Crazy" (and sign His first meeting with Mining) Then comes back a few months later in "Mickey Gaucho".Plane Crazy (1928)

However, the true birth of Mickey Mouse is established until 18 November 1928, date of release of "STEAMBOAT WILLIE" Initially silent, it is the first film of the studio (and the second cartoon of the history of cinema) to have enjoyed a synchronized soundtrack as soon as it exit.

As early as 1933, Mickey Mouse Magazine appears in the United States, quickly imitated in our Greens by Mickey's newspaper.

Two years later, in 1935, "The brass band»Arrives on the screens and is the first film of the Mickey Mouse series to use the technicolor (a principle of image colorization). Mickey is head of orchestra and the film subjugates the criticism, and even the director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
Mickey's appearances multiply and he's turn in turn Wizard, Mr. Loyal, Robin Hood, and even tailor at the medieval period.

After a long floating period in the cinema (replaced by television and comic) that runs until the 1980s, "Mickey Christmas" is a Renaissance with the return of many missing characters for too long from the big screen. From 1983, this film coincides at the launch of Disney Channel, but also to the first Mickey video game on Atari 2600.

Opposed to BUGS BUNNY For decades, they have been going to meet the Robert Zemeckis Rabbit's time in 1988.

From the end of the 90s, Mickey is on all media, in video ("Mickey," once Christmas, his suite or "Mickey, Donald, Dingo: the three musketeers"), in series (Mickey Mania, All in box, the Mickey House), in video games (Kingdom Hearts, Epic Mickey), in a parody of Batman (Mickey Mouse Mystery Magazine) etc.

More recently, and under the pulse of Glénat, several French authors (Loisel, Cosey Tébo, Trondheim, etc.) deliver their versions of the character, sometimes in tribute to the exceptional route of the rodent, sometimes by totally demystifying it.

Disney on his side appealed Paul RUSDDISH, faithful right arm of Gendy Tartakovsky, to reinvent the character in the form of a delirious animated series that makes him return to traditional animation, which he had not been entitled since 1995 .

It would be criminal to leave here without having told you of Some of our design toys. Let's start with Leblon Delusive who has been offering for several years now a wide selection of Mickey / Minnie With different templates, different colors, different prices, but always an unwavering love for the character.

Let's continue with the work of Pool Who offers a mickey also punk that wellfelt with his knotted bandana, his pants high and his lunar look.

On his side, Jason Freeny borrows Mickey's body, his feet, his legs, his basin and his two iconic buttons to propose an explosive version where a wick replaces the face of the mouse.

If the name Brian Donnelly may not tell you much, maybe do you know it by his artist name: Kaws. His "companion" he represents since 1999 to the body of Mickey, but with a pirate head in the eyes in XX. The artist will go even further by representing himself with his creation in the same posture as the celebration statue of Walt Disney and Mickey at the Disney World of Florida.

Finally, hard to forget the Recent (and sublime) piece of Daniel Arsham which is a vibrant tribute to the short film "The solitary returns" of 1937.

All this is very sure that a brief summary of the career of Mickey Mouse, there would be a lot to say about his reunion with Oswald the lucky rabbit, his refusal to fall into the public domain, or the fact that it is Having become America's very icon with everything that involves dreams and disillusionments.

Free to you now immerse yourself more in depth in The history of the most famous mouse in the world.

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