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Article: AdFunture News: Jello Fox, Monster Kar, TT TLP, BUKA S1


AdFunture News: Jello Fox, Monster Kar, TT TLP, BUKA S1

AdFunture News After a relative accalmie and a rather soft number of outings on 2007, the AdFunture factories roll up the sleeves in view of the releases announced since the beginning of the year that suggests that the small Chinese firm does not want to to forget collectors. A new focus on 4 coming outputs scheduled for March / April: JELLO FOX JELLO FOX by Tong Yan Tong Yan is a contemporary artist in the making that has already made him talk about him in Chinese galleries. Especially known for lovers for its ceramic sculptures, the artist of Nanjin is also very voluble in photography, multimedia, sculpture and comics. 25 cm high. 500 pieces of this Jello Fox will be edited. Each piece is numbered and signed. Monster kar Monster Kar by Monster Kar Monster Kar, artist of Guang Zhou, gribouille his character (of the same name) for a few years already and declines on multiplings supports. This year a traveling exhibition of the name of Monster Kar Exhibition Tour will cross China and will be visible in London at the V & a Museum. This vinyl (on stand) will be produced in 200 pieces for a height of 28cm. The London Police Teddy Troops 10 '' Teddy Troops - The London Police 300 pieces for this troops designed by the Dutch artist TLP. BUKA SERIES 1 BUKA SERIES 1 14 variants for this series of small, very affordable ducks. With the participations of Shin Tanaka, Halicalie, Mad Barbarian, Phillic Mammy, Frank Kozik, Wrongwroks, Nanospores, Bounce, Jukai, Eddi, Sichi, Furi Furi and Dgph. Your comments ? In the comments of course!

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