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Article: Expo Golemfabrik / Artoyz Lyon / From Thursday 28/02


Expo Golemfabrik / Artoyz Lyon / From Thursday 28/02

Golemfabrik> Artoyz Lyon The modeling sculptor Cyril Red Aka Golemfabrik invites you to discover his graphic universe
where characters with simple shapes and nonchalant veins are freely circulating:
"Greetings from Golemland"
Artisan of the figurine for many years, his project turns around the legend
Popular and pragous Golem. It will propose a spacious installation grouping several hundred elements
amazing as well as original collaborations. You will appreciate not only a multitude of
customizations (see list above) but also with the participation of Melanie Höner
for illustrations and Fen For screen prints and wall interventions.
Ceiling walls, the characters will invade the gallery ofARTOYZ LYON who will prove to be
In contact with the Golem. A special series in Artoyz's colors is expected!
The opening will take place on Thursday, February 28 from 18h.

Official website of Golemfabrik
More informations by clicking HERE
Golemfabrik in Lyon More Golem!

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