Adidas X Star Wars, a perfect collaborate before the movie exit

Golden rumor not ? After several indices on social networks, we finally discovered photos of the Collaboration of Adidas and Star Wars. Of course we remain cautious because Adidas has not yet communicated officially ... what do we see then? Yankeekicks, at the origin of the "Leak" of these sneakers highlights theadidas nite jogger - Model that we love - in two versions: the first do honor to the coolest robotsR2D2 and the second to the very disturbing Stormroopers.

These two sneakers presented at 10 days intervals clearly mount the tension in sneakers' enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. In light gray tones, the sneakers also have chromatic ranges according to the characters with blue for R2D2 and beige and gray for Stormtroopers. Each has an effigy tongue of its character and an adidas / star wars sole. If we have no indication of exit, price or even number of copies, it is certain that these sneakers already raise interest.

It only remains to wait untiladidas manifests...

Credits: Star Wars

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