Focus on Blistor Trap Jaw of Emilio Subirá

All collectors of Toys know that blister Is a little the second skin of some figurines with its card stock and its plastic window. It was not necessary to inspire The designer Emilio undergo who decided to divert it to personify it. If ordinarily there was a skeleton, Emilio Subirá wanted to pay tribute to one of the characters of his childhood: Trap jaw.

It is in the masters of the universe that you have seen this cyborg with a sharp teeth and imposing jaws. And so that it is still a little more flexing, it is added a robotic arm on which it can graft any weapon. This iconic character keeps here his usual attributes including his arm but sees his body being replaced by a blue support and his head trapped In the transparent window, such as a scuba.

Technical side, the figurine does 15 cm, has articulated arms and is in hand painted resin In the studio of the artist in Seville in Spain. Sold $ 90 in pre-orderBLISTOR TRAP JAW will be delivered signed, dated and numbered.

Credits: EmilioUndergone

Source: The Toy Chronicle

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