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Article: [Adult swim] Mini Series


[Adult swim] Mini Series

Adult swim logo

Imagine a world where an ass could be police commissioner, a world where one would follow the daily wanderings of a group of black metal, a world populated by rednecks, a world where a group of friends consisting of a bullet of meat, a cornet of fries with mustache and a soda would solve puzzles.

This world really exists on the other side of the Atlantic, before millions of witnesses every night from 23h.

This great world is [Adult swim], the totally crazy TV channel broadcast on Cartoon Network since 2000.

To make simple, adult swim is on television what the tertine of Camembert tempered in the cafe is in gastronomy: a heresy enjoyable and uninhibited, with a strong personality and a unprecedented flavor.

Promo Adult Swim 1 (Put in the bath)

[Adult Swim] proposes a so-called universe of the brain that it is difficult to imagine that there can be a wider audience than the fan club of Peter Luccin. And yet ...

If South Park sometimes seems good facing certain cartoons, it's the fault of Williams Street, the internal prod box that produces the majority of animated series broadcast on the canal. The amount of drugs faced by the creatives of this society must certainly brush out indecency.

Apart from the American production-house cartoons (which have become majority on the grid since the success ofAqua Teen Hunger Force), the strong licenses that allowed some series to extend their lifespan (Family Guy, Futurama which have since been restarted by their producers following the success of hearing) there was a lot of acquisition of quality manga, resolutely more adult such as Death Note, Inuyasha, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, thus offering noctambules an eclectic selection and enjoying, and determining a little the trend in the current animation.

Promo Video 2 (we do not care about your mouth)

That said, let's be honest, here the cartoons are not there to revolutionize the animation. The goal is not to do Miyasaki or Studio 4 ° C, here we are there to shock, to make the absurd, to create stamped characters, to fuck a ball blow to pop culture and recover the crown.

By looking closer to it is not worse than a standard manga or an animation level episode, it's widely acceptable for the common mortals that anyway, at the time at which time is broadcast, are already half completely Stones. Among the Shows in Stop Motion there is a special model model / Zarbi dolls that use different animation techniques for a rather amazing result. Add to that some pure and hard comedies with actors likely out of crazy house and you are vaguely approaching the uncontrollable debilitation that animates American cable nights.

It is not innocent if the American producer Madlib, a large consumer of hydroponic products is archi fan and produced the chrome compilation Children and if the crazy Def Jux label have released a disc in honor of the show.

Promo Video 3 (you see what I mean)

The true alternative television really exists on this planet, and it is true that with our a little reduced vision of television because of the mass stale spilled each day under the eyes of millions of viewers, an universe also abstract seems No news at home, the cable channels preferring us to drown Merdasses multi broadcast where unscripted shows (the reality shows) where their true legitimacy would come together in my direction of the dissension of unpublished programs, clears and originals .

And the worst is that all this comes all right from an ultra conservative country are looking for the error.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The cartoon that truly represents the Adult Swim spirit. Colossal success for the series that is its 5e Season with a film released in the cinema a year ago. Described as a series with surreal and postmodern humor, there is still a few episodes to immerse yourself in the unpredictable universe of this series dominated by the forged characters of the 3 edible protagonists. Oh yes, each of the characters died at least once in the series.

Athf Video

Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken

Created by Seth Green, American comedian seen in Austin Powers or Buffy, this series is produced in Stop Motion with dolls, figures, modeler paste and other toys. Passing all modern pop culture in a mixer to reck absurd and enjoying sanes of a few seconds revisiting the lives of some popular heroes, robot Chicken has become a reference for its references used.



One of the most recent series that has been described as "Spinal Tap and Scooby Doo in the country of black metal". The DeThklok Group and their Life Style on a daily basis and the extrapolation of this culture as well as the effects on their fans. Excessively funny and unexpected, they paid the luxury to get out even the most sold death metal album (for real)



A series with frail and shaking graphics, where we will follow a family of octopus from southern United States and other alcoholics preferring to play with flings and challenge the authority to read books.

Assy ™ Gee

Assy McGee

A police commissioner who is Dirty Harry's offspring and Cobra? Respects his authority and his frank talk (the Prout) at the Stallone sylvester. A very 80's atmosphere and a black and thick trait for a completely shocked series.

PAmi other indispensable series broadcast on the Network we can cite The Venture Bros, Harvey Birdman, Sealab 2021, Morel Orel, live shows Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Saul of the Mole Men.

And to loop the loop and to give a justification to this post, know that Kidrobot Go out on April 27 the first mini-series of characters from the Adult Swim series. An excellent idea for these two universes that complement each other perfectly.

Adult Swim by Kidrobot

The list of characters is as follows:

Assy (Assy McGee), Avenger (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law), Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, Carl (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Dr. Girlfriend (Venture Bros.), Early (squidbillies), Grandma (Squidbillies), Ignignokt and Err (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Kill Face (Frisky Dingo), Lil '(Squidbillies), Mad Scientist (Robot Chicken), The Monarch (Venture Bros.), Murderface (Metalocalypse), Orel (Morel Orel), Robot Chicken (Robot Chicken), Toki (Metalocalypse), plus two mysteries figurines.


It is logical that the majority of English collectors can remain marble to this series, since none of the listed cartoons have been disseminated to date in our country. One can only pray, or harass the France division of Cartoon Network so that they move their ass (and their grid) to allow us to see these modern nuggets of animation, even at unlikely hours.





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