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Article: Bertie WWR Robot by Ashley Wood


Bertie WWR Robot by Ashley Wood

In Nothing We Trust - Reuben (Original Art By Ashley Wood)

Here is soon a year that the bubble is activated around this titanic project of robot designed by Ashley Wood, Australian illustrator of talent. If you do not really read comics and if you do not know the impressive job of this prodigy, it is never too late and you will find a list of essential links at the bottom of the page.

Produced by Klim Aka Bigshot Toyworks, Toy Independent Maker on behalf of the most complicated label, and Three Zero, this exceptional piece will appear at the New York Comicon which will take place from April 18th to 20th.

How is this piece exceptional?

It is not certainly the first sculpture from the universe of Ashley since this one has already collaborated With Toddmafarlane and Spawn, with Sideshow for statues from Popbot or Medicom. But when we are familiar with the drawings of Mr. Wood, we realize quickly without being training sculptor or graduate of applied arts that a significant difficulty comes to you: the transcript in volume.

Ashley Wood Bearbrick

(For reminder his be @ rbrick 100%) Popbot (Popbot Polystone Statue - Sideshow Collectibles)

Then either we play the card of extreme simplification, we clean, we grow the line, we put nice eyes and rolls my hello kitty hen with a knot; Or we put his jersey, his cap, and we plunge into the big bath trying to be as faithful as possible at the original drawing. And when one attacks a particularly drawn room in a particular way (mixture of illustration, painting, retouching, textures) summarize by saying that we do not come out. No surprising so that the project is moving little by little, Klim distilling images with a drop account but with the will to take the time to do things well without omitting the slightest detail.

Dirty Deeds Version

Dirty Deeds Version

Since that's what it is: in detail. The level of detail is fascinating because not only the quality of painting and the rendering is annoying so it is well done, but the accessories that complement this robot make the set an exceptional room. Because it could have been a clean robot, with a gleaming paint like an A8 that would come out of the dealer, only as it is a combat robot, bellicose and sharpened, well the painting flashes, the bursts of Ball do not heal, and rust does not taste with fish soup. Apart from the "worn" effect, some suspicions of white paint on the Dirty Deeds version reveal a hint of humanity on the metal skin of this soulless beast.

Skyd on revolver, knife, bazooka, fighter fillet, shoulder refills and on the belt, it is obvious that it is not your regular swimming pool robot.

Impeccable style with this oblong silhouette and his eye (?) Central, everything is about attitude in this monster.


The structure of the hands is pretty impressive with a finger finger cutting that we look forward to manipulating.

The articulation points at the arms and heads appear to answer without too much trouble for various provisions.

Only downside, his short short legs do not allow him an optimum outfit and he will need a stand to be arranged properly.

Accessories Done DiT Cheap?

For the moment two versions have filtered, both limited to 500 pieces and responding to the soft name of Desert Rat for the sand and dirty deeds for the black. A 3e titled Bloody Dirty Deeds will be available at NYCC. We suspect that there will be traces of hemoglobin of opponents along his carcass. On the other hand level finance, plan large if you have at the top of you (about $ 300).

It is true that its design and universe fundamentally denot the rest of the current standard production (CIS), but it is to recognize that so from passion and devotion put to the service of this single piece can only emulate the community. If I'm mistaken spit in my hair please.

14 inches of anthology available soon.

Official site

His blog

His page Wikipedia


A synthetic but quite complete page

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