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Article: Ajee "Fresh to Death" - Opening Thursday 18/09 - Galerie Lacroix

Ajee "Fresh to Death" - Opening Thursday 18/09 - Galerie Lacroix

Ajee, this talented French artist has more than one string to his bow. Sculpture, print, artyz ... Nothing escapes her, moreover if you followed well she participates in the current exhibition at the Galerie d'Artoyz space, with a very beautiful print that she submitted to us.

She notably worked with large publishers of designer toys Like Kidrobot (the Dunnys series Love me! I'm French), Bonustoyz / Extended Playz (its famous Skullskin), K.Olin (his Kosplay Porcelain and Gold Porcelain), Bonustoyz / Mighty Jaxx (New Eva)...

Image host

But in this month of September, it was on the occasion of the opening of his exhibition "Fresh to Death" This Thursday September 18 to the Lacroix gallery, that we find it.

Indeed, we went to ask him a few questions in order to know a little more about his work and which is really. Image host To people who discover your work, how could you qualify it in a few words?

Lines, plans, curves and edges with pure and graphic color. A little hard-Edge, a little superflave.

The subject is my personal vision of the universe as I would like it to be, fauna, flora and elements as I see them from where I stand. That is to say while remaining humble, in my place, I contemplate. It is rather figurative even if I try to deconstruct it.

First of all "Fresh to Death", can we know a little more about this choice of theme? What attracted you to this theme?

I develop my relationship with the polar bear that I sculpted for the Artoy Kosplay. Since then he lets me go more, he has grown, I have built him a decor and inter-species.

Through that of course I draw attention to global warming and the polar bear, classified vulnerable by WWF in the list of endangered species, is the symbol. He is literally “fresh to death”. What should we expect? What are we going to find at this exhibition?

The pure and peaceful calm universe of the Arctic such as dreams. We will see canvases, drawings, artysz and sculptures including my big white bear 1m20 high. Image host After two exhibitions in Seoul (including that in art toy Culture), now in Paris, it's more a good year 2014 for you, right?

Yes big year 2014. But everything is linked pretty well, I'm happy. And Seoul boosted me, it was intense but very energizing. What is your privileged support? The Web ? The sculpture ? The creation of Artoyz?

I started with drawings and watercolors, but when the Artoyz movement arrived it was there that everything was going on and I wanted to be. I started to sculpt and I loved it. Since then I sail between drawing, painting and sculpture, and that suits me. What are the artists who influence you?

I like the artistic movements of the beginning of the last century: Art & Craft, Art Nouveau and Modernism ... The interactivity of art with daily life, the design and architecture. I will quote Koloman_moser, Mucha, Klimt, Mackintosch, Le Bauhaus, Mallet-Stevens, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand, and of course the animal sculptor François Pompon, because of whom I like the polar bear.

Today's artists that I like to work in this state of mind of interactivity between art and design.

I am a big fan of Futura 2000, who told me that he was a fan of my kosplay and it makes me squarely proud; I never tire of kaws or murakami, then Delta, Xavier Veilhan, Ora-ïto and Jamie Hayon.

And closer to me my Tsuyu, Steph Cop, Mist, Yomek friends, and I invite you to discover the photographic work of Doze Chaos de Secretlab that you knew toy designer In the series “Love me! Dunnys i’french. Image host After this exhibition, do you have other projects under your hat?

Yes, I go to London for the Multiplled show at Christies in October. I develop volume projects with Mighty Jaxx, K.Olin and Kozik and others for small series of Artoyz or unique sculptures. Finally, why did you choose the Lacroix gallery to present this exhibition? For his innovative project and his desire to exhibit only women artists?

Nicolas Lacroix the director of the gallery contacted me. Besides, he does not expose that women but he must admit that he is one of the rare urban art galleries that exhibit. I think that his project that meets the photo, post-graffiti, post-arty and contemporary art suits me well. "Fresh to Death" : September 18 to October 18, 2014 Lacroix gallery 19 Rue Lesage 75020 Paris Artoyz would like to warmly thank Ajee for her kindness and his availability and we can only encourage you to discover his work even more in detail.

Find Ajee on her official site / Facebook / Twitter

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