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Article: Back to the 80's with Nike, Polaroid and Levi's x Stranger Things collaborations

Aller simple pour les 80's avec Nike, Polaroid et Levi’s x Stranger Things

Back to the 80's with Nike, Polaroid and Levi's x Stranger Things collaborations

If we didn't care about our parents when they told us "you'll see in a few years, you'll focus on the past decades ...", we must say that they're right Stranger Things lauches today for its third season and make us crazy since its release in 2016. And for good reason, all the things we love are there : science fiction, amazing casting and the 80's. We find the vintage objects that make us dream now (why we threw everything ?), a photographic & cinmatographic aesthetics with saturated shades (remember Kodachrome's film by Kodak) and iconic clothes. Nike, Levi's and Polaroid have understood that to share with us amazing collections.

The memory is not dead yet, so for those who remember the final season 2 of Stranger Things, Nike shoes were everywhere. So naturally the Nike x Stranger Things collaboration was born, soberly titled Hawkins High because yes, Nike made a powerful storytelling : this collection of shoes and clothes were actually meant for Hawkins High School before the apocalypse and reappears 30 years later to fill our dressing rooms. You will find Cortez, Blazer Mid and Air Tailwind 79 sneakers in a chromatic range composed of orange, green, blue, red and white as well as some sportswear. Cherry on the cake ? Each pair of shoes is in a green box containing a Hawkins journal paper and a collector's pin. Hurry up there will not any for everyone.

As for Levi's, it seemed obvious to see many denim jackets and other denim with loose shapes. Yet we come to be surprised - in a good way, of course - by the charm of this mini collection. T-shirts are made with flashes pattern (caused by Eleven to save everyone), yellow sun sweatshirt with the word "Eleven" keep us warm, jeans with the mythical label stitched upside down or uniform, jacket and jeans, with the flocked characters complete the collection. All 80's dress codes are there, just to put us in the best conditions to discover the season 3 on Netflix.

But all these looks are less powerful without a vintage object to immortalize them ? Polaroid, which we are always passionate about, is launching its OneStep 2 Edition Stranger Things model for the occasion. Following the mythical model released in 1977, the OneStep2 has a viewfinder and a special sensitivity to light. Your snapshots are clear but will have the charm of the analog picture that we love. With its design in the colors of the show, his writings turned upside down on the camera, his film packs specially designed for this, the brand is on top. Polaroid Originals Stranger Things Color i-Type OneStep2 Flash films are included with the camera, and only 8. They all have a different frame as part of a set of 16 different design corresponding to places seen in the show.

Nothing better to dive into the 80's with style and to be in the best conditions to do season 3 binge watching of Stranger Things !

Credits : Levi's/Nike/ Polaroid/ Stranger Things-Netflix 

Source : Levi's Instagram/Nike Instagram/ Polaroid Instagram/ Stranger Things-Netflix 

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