One-way for 80's with Nike, Polaroid and Levi's X Stranger Things

If we fucked our parents when they told us "no but you will see in a few years, you too will focus on the past decades ...", we must admit that we are in full. Stranger Things arrives today for its third season and has continued to put us in all our states since its release in 2016. And for good reason, all the ingredients we love are there: science fiction, casting crazy and especially the 80s. We find the vintage objects that make us dream Now (why has we quoted everything?), a photographic / cinematographic aesthetic with saturated hues (remember the Kodak Kodachrome movie) and clothes iconic. Nothing done, when you mate the series everything makes us want; And that Nike, Levi's and Polaroid have understood it well.

The memory does not make us still lacking for those who remember the last episode of the season 2 of Stranger Things, the plans on the nike worn by our happy click are not lacking. It is therefore naturally born the collab 'Nike X Stranger Things, soberly entitled Hawkins High because yes, in terms of Story-Telling Nike does hard: this collection of shoes and clothes were actually intended for the high school of Hawkins before The Apocalypse and reappears 30 years later to water our dressings. You will find Cortez, Mid Blazer and Air Tailwind 79 in a chromatic range of orange, green, blue, red and white as well as some sportswear. The icing on the cake ? Each pair of shoes comes in a green box containing a Hawkins newspaper and a pin's collector. Hurry up there will not be for everyone.

As for Levi's, it seemed obvious to see a flogging of jackets in jeans and other denim with loose cuts. Yet we can be surprised - in the right direction, of course - by the charm of this mini collection. T-shirts resuming the lightning caused by Eleven to save everyone's skin, sun-yellow sweatshirt with Eleven noted on, jeans with the legendary Levi's label sewn upside down (Upside down oblige) or even uniform, jacket and jeans, with the characters flocked on it. All 80's clothing codes are there, history of putting us in the best conditions to discover season 3 on Netflix.

But what would all these looks be without a vintage object, par excellence, to immortalize them? Polaroid, who always fascinates us so much, launches for the occasion his model Onedep 2 Edition Stranger Things. Following the mythical model released in 1977, the OneDESTP2 has a particular viewfinder and sensitivity to light. Your snapshots are net but will have this charm of the analog picture that we are looking for. With its color design of the series, its writings upside down on the device and its films packs specially designed for this collab, it is the device of the moment. Most ? Polaroid Instant Films Originals Edition Stranger Things Color i-Type OneDestep2 are offered with the device, finally 8 only. They all have a different framework of a set of 16 frames each corresponding to various locations seen in the series.

Nothing like diving in the heart of the 80's with style and make us want to make Binge Watching of the season 3 of Stranger Things!

Credits: Levi's / Nike / Polaroid / Stranger Things-Netflix

Source: Levi's Instagram / Nike Instagram / Polaroid Instagram / Stranger Things-Netflix

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