The Cameo de Stan Lee in the guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 spell in figurine

Iconic creator of Marvel, Stan Lee had the small peculiarity of happily to be embedded in the films of the license. And Hot Toys benefits by realizing a very realistic figurine of the camera that we find in the Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2.

Remember, this moment a little suspended during which we see Stan Lee sitting in combination of yellow cosmonaut surrounded by aliens, who are not otherwise the guards, witnesses of the major historical facts within the galaxy that the We see a lot in the comics but not in the movies. He tells them what is happening on earth with a natural disconcerting as if his presence was normal. An abyss pushing more or ordinary where he does not hesitate to say that he "still have so many stories to tell"; A metaphor to say that Marvel has obviously not finished astonishing us. Directed a year and a half before his death, this cameo has a special flavor and a surprising format: it is cut in two between this moment and one of the scenes in post-generic, making a real running gag.

But let's go back to Hot Toys. To symbolize this camera, the Hong Kong manufacturer hasNot shattered on the means or on the details. Hyperrealist, the action figure of 29 cm takes up the elements that we see in the stage at a detail near: Stan Lee displays a broad smile. We remain blown away by the aspect of the skin and the precision granted to its mythical mustache. ACCESSORIES SIDE Count interchangeable-galvanized hands, a yellow spatial backpack, the rock on which it is sitting but also its detachable spatial helmet. Besides, Stan Lee would not be Stan Lee without his slightly smoked glasses ...

That's why Hot Toys kept them andRealizes a master stroke by capitalizing on the famous creator of one of the most transgenerational licenses in the world.

Presented at TOY FAIR 2019This exclusive figurine will be sold soon in several shops. More info to come.

Credits: Hot Toys

Source: Hot Toys Facebook


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