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Article: Andrew Bell Interview


Andrew Bell Interview

Andrew Bell Here is the complete interview of Andrew Bell partially published in Clark Present yourself do not be shy. AB: Hello I am Andrew Bell. I am 26 years old and I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I currently bump in Indè. I studied the graphic arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, but I started drawing seriously a few years after having my degree. How do you describe your graphic universe? AB: Busy What support do you prefer to work? AB: For illustration I work vectorially and in real life I love to sculpt the modeling dough and resin. You both have a recognizable style immediately, is it a compliment? AB: I would say it's a compliment. I drew more than 1000 characters and I try not to overexploit some. If you can recognize my work whatever the subject is an excellent thing. It's easier to be recognizable if you draw something and you designs with outrage and everywhere. But I do not like this solution of ease. You will both come out of the new figurines at WheyWheat Studios, can you tell me how the connection happened? AB: I was introduced to Wheaty Wheat while I was looking for someone to work on my new project, and after having discussed it with Mad about it, I was shown Richard de Wheaty Wheat. I do art and design and makes prototyping and manages projects. Cost and sales are divided between our two Wheaty Wheat and Dyzplastic boxes. You both realized many customs for different brands, how do you approach this kind of achievements? AB: Sometimes the idea comes naturally but I usually need to immerse myself, to turn the object in all directions by imagining what I could do well with. I'm doing hard skits on paper and I choose the best idea (or the most feasible) and I bump directly on the figurine or the object. Do you agree with this idea that the designer toy scene can help contemporary art in the sense that can bring more people back into galleries and expos thanks to the close relationship between Toys and art? AB: I think yes because we see more and more crossovers between designer toys and artists and vice versa. What do you think of the designer toy scene right now? AB: It begins to arrive at maturity. There are very beautiful figurines coming out of these days. Fortunately the involvement of companies and the sponsorship does not really influence the creativity and the raw artistic quality of the scene, there is a permanent freshness. What is your favorite toy designer right now? AB: It's always hard to say, I'll ever choose. I really like what Unkl Brand comes out right now and Nathan JureVicius remains one of my favorites. My favorite piece is perhaps my Tree Dweller monochrome decorated by hand. Who would you like to designer a figurine? AB: most people I would like to see in the Toy are already players of the stage. I can not wait to see Camille Pink Garcia figurines. It would be nice to see Mark Ryden figurines and I would like to see what could give Jim Philipps's crazy drawings. What are your current projects? AB: I go out a new Circus Punk and my zliks will finally end up going out soon I hope! And of course, full of secret projects, some for the TV. Who are your favorite artists of all time? AB: Camille Rose Garcia. Bonus questions: Tim Biskup or Gary Baseman? Biskup Kaws Gold Michael Lau? Kaws Skulls on Laus FUTURA ON WALLS OR FUTURA ON PLASTIC? Plastic EBAY OR NOT? Sometimes It Is Your Only Hope. Qee, Dunny Gold Bearbrick? Dunny 100%, 400% gold 1000% figures? 400% James Jarvis Gold Pete Fowler? Fowler Japanese Kaiju Monsters Or American Super Heroes? Kaiju! Animals That Becomes Monsters Gold Monsters That Look Like Animals? Animals That Look Like Monsters Who Become Animal Monsters. Limited Toys or Mass Market Toys? Limited Toys. Andrew Bell: / Groob Already available, exit from Zliks in 2006 Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell Andrew Bell

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