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Article: Joe Ledbetter ITW


Joe Ledbetter ITW

Joe Ledbetter Present yourself do not be shy. JL: Hello !! I am Joe Ledbetter, I have studied sociology and I am an artist in Indie in Los Angeles. How do you describe your graphic universe? JL: a populist digression of Cubism of Cartoons. The world I created through my work is in perpetual evolution. What support do you prefer to work? JL: I prefer to work acrylic on wood. You both have a recognizable style immediately, is it a compliment? JL: It's a compliment for me. You will both come out of the new figurines at WheyWheat Studios, can you tell me how the connection happened? JL: My best friend and artist Thomas Han as well as myself we are presented to Richard de Wheaty Wheat. It was invited to the exhibition that we were doing both the following week where we introduce prototypes made by our figurines (Mr Bunny and Cosmic Quigly of Thomas), we tried to convince him that it could make moods. Toys ... and the rest is part of the story. This kind of projects is a very big perso challenge. You both realized many customs for different brands, how do you approach this kind of achievements? JL: Yeah I did some some, let's see: just about all forms of Qee, Dunny, Circus Punks, Trexi, Madl, Smorbit Labbit, skateboards, surfs, lunchbox, guitars and shoes. My approach is different every time and it will depend on the form. I handle customs as if it were new paintings and I have fun with it. Do you agree with this idea that the designer toy scene can help contemporary art in the sense that can bring more people back into galleries and expos thanks to the close relationship between Toys and art? JL: I like the idea that designer toys are a 3D adaptation of art posters. I admit that it leads to both new people to art and toys. All this works in concomitance. The fact also that toys are more affordable than buying art enables galleries and museums to offer more accessible items. What do you think of the designer toy scene right now? JL: I love this scene simply. What is your favorite toy designer right now? JL: Recently I bought a lot of Pete Fowler stuff. Who would you like to designer a figurine? JL: Greg Craola Simkins. What are your current projects? JL: I work on new T-shirts and skateboards for Monkey Skateboards. I also have some exhibitions soon at Kidrobot, MM Modern Gallery and Gallery 1988. Who are your favorite artists of all time? JL: M.C. Echer & Pablo Picasso. Bonus Questions: Tim Biskup Or Gary Baseman? Gary Biskup? EBAY OR NOT? ebay Qee, Dunny Gold Bearbrick? Dunny 100%, 400% gold 1000% figures? As big as possible Japanese monsters or super American heroes? Kaiju Monsters Animals that become monsters or monsters that look like animals? Cute little animals that would eat monsters Limited Toys or Mass Market Toys? Keep rare! Joe Ledbetter: / Mr Bunny and Firecat already available, exit from Ringo Bear in 2007 (?) Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter Joe Ledbetter

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