Art & Culture Pop with Mighty Jaxx

Drawn from Disney's famous cartoon, Pinocchio, this replica now echoes a series of figurines, personifying the wood puppet, imagined by the artist JEACE GACE and edited by Mighty jaxx. The last is in size xxl. An exceptional piece that deconstructs the image of pinocchio that we relate to childhood. Yes, like we dear pinocchio has ... Grandi! And this is all the subtlety of the figurines put forward by Mighty Jaxx: appeal to our personal and artistic culture through colorful characters and sometimes from universes very well known as DC COMICS, Looney Tunes or SESAME STREET.

That's why Singapore's business never stops surprising with its figurines from pop culture, whose shimmering colors attract the eye in a second. But the strength of Mighty Jaxx is not only to get the best of a license like Sesame Street, with its beautiful Xxray Cookie Monster, or Adventure Time with its BMO in bright heart, it is also to surround oneself. Exceptional artists. Ron Français, great regulars of the publisher, who must be grin in collars with Staple Design but also Alex face With Baby Beyond (pink version) are part of those who trust the publisher to give life to their desires. As for Yoskay Yamamoto with Clear Sideways or JEACE GACE with Maneki Dino, ranks ofMighty jaxx swell of talent (s).

Clear Sideways by Yoaskay Yamamoto

GRIN (Mono Edition) by Ron English X Staple

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