Okeh and Mighty Jaxx go out The Vomit Kid

Far from being their first collaboration, the artist OKEH and MIGHTY JAXX meet to launch a new version of their figurine The Vomit Kid. Imagined by okeh, this character clearly Inspired by skatec culture and the graphics of the 70s or even 80s, is A very recognizable teenager. It is striped cap upside down, hair (a lot?) Too long to the point of hiding his hair and combo long shirts that we discover. To mark Skate membership, Okeh do not forget to reflect his high socks and skate sneakers of the 4-letter brand.

But our character would be somewhat so then Okeh literally vomiting ! A dripping and absolutely disproportionate liquid that we see here in transparent purple. A new version that completes the collection of figurines already outputs. From the top of his 8"The Vomit Kid is even accompanied by a retro sticker that will not fail to highlight a little more skatec culture. This new collaboration is also a great opportunity to discover the work of Okeh, to find here on his Instagram account.

Credits: okeh / mighty jaxx

Source: vinylpulse

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