Artcurial gives you an appointment with Street Art

Outsider (s): a history of beautiful losers. This is the name of this set of original works presented by Artcurial in Paris on October 22nd. Highlighting the alternative culture and the movement of it yourself of the 90s, these works had already been the subject of a traveling exhibition in 2004 soberly called Beautiful Losers. And do we believe the artists who compose it have enough to you: Barry McGee, Phil frost, Raymond Pettibbon or Kawns. As many names of art that do not fail to move the crowds.

And for good reason, most of the works presented date from a time when these artists were not yet very well known. That is why they could be acquired from artists or founders of Beautiful Losers in 2004. The path of these pieces is therefore full of surprises to understand the codes used by Barry McGee, Phil Frost, Raymond Pettibbon or Kaws. We will find no less 200 lots Including original pieces signed by the 90's DIY movement artists or Streetwear pieces and skateboards.

America is at the heart of artcurial events And if we use the plural it's not for nothing! As often, in addition to its auction the house organizes an exhibition To see the parts in advance. A mouthpiece more than allegent with pieces of Larry Clark, David Ellis, Harmony Korine, Shepard Fairey, Jeff Koons, Futura or Stash. A raying artistic diversity visible on 18, 19 and 21 October from 11h to 18h and October 20 from 14h to 18h.

Rendez-vousArtcurial At the 7 roundabout of the Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris France for this exceptional exhibition followed by The auction on October 22nd. You know what you do this weekend ...

KAWS - Untitled 2003

Barry McGee - Untitled 1997

Raymond Pettibbon - Untitled (Blue Ball ...) 2003

Phil Frost X Barry McGee - Subtext 1999

Credits: Kaws, Barry McGee, Phil Frost, Raymond Pettibbon

Source: CP Artcurial

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