Fools Paradise presents Losing Game Tokyo

Fools Paradise Creating envy in fans of several major pop works. On the one hand Akira, the illustrious manga ofKatsuhiro Otomoand the other Star wars with an obvious focus on the Sith Trooper, new come to the Star Wars world. This figurine, Losing Game Tokyo, makes a mix of these two characters thanks to the red color they have in common just like the characteristic bodybuilded side of the Fools Paradise figures.

Of the front, it is the Sith Trooper who wins with this armor at the apparent belt but of back is the famous registration "Good for Health, Bad for Education" ("Good for health, bad for education") that we see on the jacket of Kaneda, Central Character of Akira, which is necessary. A double dose of pop culture that also highlights the vessel accompanying the figurine representing a Star Wars Land Cruiser.

It is clear that Fools Paradise knows how to please his fans with this Figurine Losing Game - Tokyo of 36 cm high available in pre-order tonight at 18h (French time). Count all the same $298 (Delivery included) and a reception in the first quarter 2020.

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Akira - Katsuhiro Otomo

Credits: Fools Paradise /Katsuhiro Otomo

Source: Fools Paradise Instagram

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