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Article: Artoyz Originals X Michelin, the collection around Bibendum!

Artoyz Originals x Michelin, la collection autour de Bibendum !

Artoyz Originals X Michelin, the collection around Bibendum!

Bibendum. A name that we all know and echoing very personal references in each of us: a trip by car with tires Michelin, range games distributed during the holidays or even the first times we wanted to play the mechanic. So many situations explored in Our collaboratioN with Michelin around Figurines of the Bibendum character, with these round curves and its inflated appearance. It is so mythical that Stay-PUFT Marshmallow Man of Ghostbusters is a direct wink. POP Culture or personal culture, Bibendum has been needed since its creation in 1898 when it became the mascot of the French Tire Manufacture.

Also called MICHELIN BONHOMME, it is now declined by Artoyz Originals through A range comprising several bibendum figurines with its mobile bidendum or even bibendum alone. Finding Bibendum in mythical car models like the one inspired by herbie, the most famous of the ladybugs, or the Citroën Type H. But Bibendum also has been canon alone by taking up the flagship moments of Michelin's history. With the creation of the ZX tire, its participation in spatial missions, the creation of these green and red guides or accompanying the holidaymakers who went from north to the south via the national road 7. Guaranteed nostalgic trip.

And you know what ? Other modelsARGOYZ ORIGINALS X Michelin arrive very quickly ...

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