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Article: Sir Joan Cornellà releases a new Fwen figurine!

Sir Joan Cornellà sort une nouvelle figurine FWEN !

Sir Joan Cornellà releases a new Fwen figurine!

Maybe you know Sir Joan Cornellà before his exhibition in Paris this summer, perhaps through his figurines with AllrightsReserved, like the very famous Selfie Gun Where K-Love ! This time, Sir Joan Cornellà takes up one of his animations to create a figurine composed of two characters; The one in pink is supposed to help the one in yellow, hanging on a cliff. He descends from his ladder but does not help him, he cuts his leg before going up the cliff and tend to him. Nice.

But it is in the image of what sees and saw Sir Joan Cornellà and one of the raises for which these creations are so satirical. Once again the smile will come to the lips, as the scene seems surrealist. To accentuate it, the artist goes further with a double figurine of the two characters standing one by side of the other, the yellow character having sawed leg. This one is even magnetized To discover the figurine in two stages. 22 cm of satire, here's what awaits you with the new figurine of Sir Joan Cornellà.

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