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Article: Carrier



Auto + USBOBOMX Version Regular And to say that the new generation has never known the pleasure of rewinding cassettes with a pen. Not to mention the fact that they probably do not know the true origin of the boombox, believing maybe it's the title of a song of Shaggy. The snags of the vinyl and the followers of the CD will jealousize this infernal duo that will make a lot of sound silently. With its inimitable urban-pop style, supervised a pan of the history of music through two of its most friendly representatives. Soberly titled Car, this duet composed of a clearly cleaner cassette than those you could keep so far, and a mini ghetto-blaster concealing a USB key to transport your old re-encoded mixtapes in MP3. No need to trim tens of huge batteries to share your neighbors with the latest killings recorded on the radio. Created in 2002 at the base as logo for Car The music group, today auto (the group) and auto (the toy) continue their route each on their side but keep a lot of affection for each other and are always ready to party. Nostalgia takes a serious blow of young people with these two absolute icons of the 80s, magazines in Vinyl Characters to animate your next Block-Parts in your living room. Auto + USBOOMBOX - Version ArtoGez Output of the Artoyz version (100 pieces): September Release of the Regular version (700 pieces): October



Pourquoi il n’y a que la version artoyz de disponible sur le site??
Qd est-ce que la version regular sera mise en vente online??

No author

Salut !

Vous avez la date de sortie précise de la version Artoyz (et le prix) ? =)

No author

La version regular arrive très bientôt, sous une semaine.

No author

Je l’ai reçu et on peut dire que niveau qualité de fabrication c’est pas top top ! heureusement que le graphisme rattrape le coup !
Par contre la veste ATZ à un niveau de finissions que je n’avais jamais vu sur une veste de ce type o_O

No author

[…] Une petit figurine (et sa clé USB) que je trouvais drôle… AUTO par Super Deux […]

No author

Toujours pas possibilités de l’acheter???

No author

Bonjour Eve, la version Regular est désormais dispo !
Bonne journée

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