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Article: Elements 8 '' do it yourself


Elements 8 '' do it yourself

Hey Kids is the time of the return! For those who have left school benches a long time ago that does not want to say much ... Although now it may be you parents who have to face the crying of your last one who "does not want Y ALLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER ". To put everyone agreeing, we take advantage of this exceptional period to present our new outings under the label ARGOYZ ORIGINALS. We had already mentioned their arrival a few days ago, and well figured that from the Thursday, September 24 very exactly, we will land in nature (and first of all in our shops and our resellers) the Elements 8 inches "Do it yourself". Indeed it is our first creations "to customize" taking the standard forms Air, water, fire and EARTH which make up the series of elements. With large surfaces quite pleasant to paint, we hope you will find in these new toys to customize good reasons to free your creativity. And to accompany the release of our little protégés, we brought together 40 artists from all walks of life to transfigure these white heads. The Exhibition Elements will start on Thursday, September 24 at Artoyz Shop + Gallery. It is therefore, you will understand it, the event of the return !!!! More info on this exhibition and the invited artists in a future ticket. In the meantime Discover the Elements 8 inches do it yourself Natural :


c koi les artiste ?? je le vois nulle part

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[…] l’expo Fais le toi même, au magasin Artoys, avec de belles pièces, la preuve […]

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