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Article: BE @ RBRICK SERIES 16



BB 16 Post classic that resurgers at least twice in the year, once before the holidays and once before the summer to announce the next arrival of a new series of Be @ rbrick "regular". As DAB we only see a quick overview consisting of the traditional "basic, jellybean, pattern, flag, horror, animal, cute and artist" that you see in order of appearance on the screen. It's a bit like the cinematographic band of the series, but without his, speechless-off and without Will Smith. The Basic Once again superb with a slightly creamy turquoise color, a Jellybean Citror, ​​a snake-skinned pattern, the Swedish flag for large standards. It is after this gets complicated with a horror (or sf) not yet quite identified, an animal (or cute) Gachapin Classic green very faithful to the character, a cute / animal MJ (who is it? Michael Jackson? Michel ham?) And a character of the series Frogman. Another character from the world of Frogman (also called Kaeruotoko-Shokai in his native country, Japan) responding to the sweet name of Dr. Leonardo came out a few weeks ago. The particularity of Frogman is to be an animated studio exclusively composed of itself, realizing and writing animation series particularly struck, and going so far as to make the voices of the characters (a little like the guys of South Park in the beginning). For the pleasure of the eyes, here is the opening of the anime (which at the base is a flash anime and has derived on the output of a movie). Attention it's super stupid and totally incomprehensible, if someone crosses a subbed version, which he makes a sign: [YouTube][/youtube] It will not be enough to stop the stomach, and it is now all the other characters in the series 16 that we want to see (Chase, the other artists). Note that the information I propose to you, relayed by several blogs is only aware and that Medicom will soon distress real photos for the exit of this series 16 scheduled in June (so in July at home). You are warned.

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