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Article: References - Expo Nathan Jurevicius @ Toronto


References - Expo Nathan Jurevicius @ Toronto

by nathan jurevicius 4 years after his last exhibition at Magic Pony, Nathan jurevicius, the local -par adoption - of the Toronto stage reappeared with new works that are grandiose. Its last presentation in 2007 at the GalleryBluffed us with reinterpretations of characters like the famous Scary Girl or the inhabitants of City Folk in decorations and unpublished situations. Flirting with the awesome on both tables, whether when it draws at the pallet of pretty psychic volatiles, or when it explores the brush of horizons much more accident and far from the apparent relaxation of its vector world. A complete artist, going beyond each new expo with an imagination and a pencil ruffling and yet unfairly underestimated. Reformationbegins tomorrow Thursday, May 15th. Previews below for those who are far from their Canada: Salvation Coronation Subjects Preach Wall of Birds

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