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Article: Black Friday 2021 :

Black Friday 2021 : Suivez le guide

Black Friday 2021 :

You have probably seen the words Black Friday scroll throughout, on social networks, on the radio, the TV, in the corridors of the metro, etc ... Of course your favorite site does not escape the rule and offers you too From 26/11/2021 to 29/11/2021 included, lots of promotions. So much that it seems necessary to provide you with a small guide to help you see clearly in this broken price deluge.


So Artoyz Originals, what is it? Figurines we realize ourselves in collaboration with talented artists and let us edit under our own label.

Do you want a Beastie Head or a Alexöne French Lowrider? Teddy Troops? Devilo erectus or bibendum? Well, it's time to succumb to temptation, they are all available at a reduced rate.

All our Artoyz Originals figurine here


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